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Our Coaches

Patricia Sullivan

Master Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritional Counsultant


With over 13 year experience providing personal training, nutritional consulting, Patricia has learned what it takes to see lasting results. More and more I find that mindset matters most when it comes to lasting change. I provide strategies and motivation to keep my clients on their personal path to their desired goals. Sometimes daily checkins are the biggest part of what I do to keep my clients staying their course. I am happy to do what it takes to get them there.

Patrick Foster

Mindset Coach


Over 50 years of life experience has been preparation for inspiring and motivating others on to the path to personal development and spiritual growth for sustainable and lasting change. Patrick coaches with a strong emphasis on the law of assumption/attraction and developing a mindset to become who you were made to be.

Latest News

How to Change Your Mindset and Lose Weight

February 7, 2020 by Patricia Sullivan (20) Comments

How to change your mindset and lose weight? It’s really a great question, isn’t it? Weight loss is a very common goal for adults…

How To Find The Motivation To Exercise

February 4, 2020 by Patricia Sullivan (12) Comments

How to Find the Motivation to Exercise? In this article we will discover how to find the motivation to exercise. We all know that…

Have You Thought About Closing Your Window for Weight Loss?

December 1, 2019 by Patricia Sullivan (12) Comments

Have you heard about shortening your window of eating? It's a great simple strategy to help you achieve and/or maintain your healthy weight.Think about…

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Why People Love us

  • Patricia was great to work with. She pushed us but only to our capability. She had a great sense of what we need and if we ever get back to Virginia, we'll meet with her again. We worked hard and made good progress during our time together. - Rick Mundy

    Patricia was great to work with!

    (, )

  • I started going to Patricia in winter of 2015 when the seasonal blahs hit me. Patricia designed a training based on my goals and motivated me by increasing expectations in every session. I could see the change!  I have been going to Patricia ever since. - Candy C

    Changes I Could See

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  • Patricia is a great workout instructor but her knowledge of the human body really impressed me. I pulled a muscle and with one quick call to her, she knew what muscle and gave me a stretch to take the pain away amazing - Kathy J.

    Great Instructor

    (, Kathy J.)

our programs

Transformational Weight Loss

10 Week Transformational Program

  • 3 days a week workout program
  • Diet program Included
  • Professional Trainers
  • Accountability Coaching Daily To keep you on track

$1950/ 10 week

Accountability / Success Coaching

Stay The Course and On Track for Your Goals with our Coaching

  • 3 days a week check-ins
  • 1 coaching call a week
  • Diet program Included
  • Keeps you on track with program design for your independent workout
  • Professional Coaches

$597/ 3 Months

In-home Personal Training / Program Design

Once a week or Once a Month Training & Program Design

  • In-home or in-office personal training and Program Design
  • Ensure that you are working out appropriately for your fitness level & goals
  • Keeps you on track with program design for your independent workouts
  • Packing Prices Are Available Upon Request

$120/ Session

In-home / In-office Personal Training / Group Classes

Once a week or Once a Month Group Classes

  • In-home or in-office personal training and Group Classes
  • Motivating & Fun Classes taught by Professional Trainers
  • Price & Availability are dependent upon the requires, please call to discuss your needs 800-880-4854

Varies/ Group Session

General Fitness Related FAQs

All Programs Are Tailored To The Individual
Each individual is unique therefore, no two clients require the same workouts or the same level of personal accountability coaching. We strive to fit a program to your needs. We truly care about your health and wellness and will work with you to discover your personal path to your desired goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, increase your balance and flexibility or run a marathon, we can design a program to get you to your goals. Our coaching works on your exercise, diet and mindset – our unique approach for total transformation. Call us today to discover how to reach your goals.

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