The Disease of More?

Do you suffer from the Disease of More? This idea really intrigued me when I heard the concept while listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s audible book collection. This ‘disease’ happens when we are so focused on achieving more of whatever our goals are (i.e. wealth, fitness, bigger muscles, a skinnier waist-line, etc) that we forget to enjoy the now or experience a sense of well-being in the now.

We all have goals and we should strive for goals. Having goals is a healthy way to stay motivated I believe. However, when our goals are driving us to the extreme of living for some future achievement, then we have a imbalance that needs to be addressed. We have all heard of Olympic athletes that become depressed after they achieve the Gold that they were working towards for many years. Would they not have been more balanced emotionally if they had learned to enjoy the ‘now’ as well as striving for tomorrow.

This is a tricky balance in our seemingly consumer-driven society. Being content in the now is almost frowned upon. Everyone pushes you to the next level, telling you that you must have ‘this’ and that you won’t be happy unless you achieve ‘that’. We have to remember that we are human ‘beings’ not human ‘doings’. We only really have our present reality and the decisions that we make in each moment. Deciding to appreciate all that we already have while we strive is the key. How do strike this balance?

Deciding to end our day and start each new one with a few minutes of gratitude is a great habit to cultivate. If we can learn to enjoy the now and be grateful for things big and small, then we will be totally joyous when we achieve the big goals that we have. Plus if we don’t quite reach the pinnacle of what we deserve, we can be grateful for the little successes along the way. Life is the journey, right?

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  • The disease of more is something a lot of us in this world suffer from. We as a human race just never seem to be satisfied with what we have and always look for ways to get more of something even if we don’t need it me. 

    Gratitude is the best way to help with this affliction as it helps us to realise how much we do actually have.  Practicing gratitude each day also helps us to be more appreciative of what we get in the future.

  • Gaurav Gaur
    7 months ago

    Hi, Patricia.
    Thanks for the small but thought-provoking article on Disease of More.
    You truly said, for the want of more perfection, more achievement we forget the small joys spread all around us on the way to success. If we learn to live in NOW and feel the gratitude ton everything we are provided by nature, life will be heaven.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 months ago

      Thank you Gaurav for your comment. Go to to join our free 7 Day Workout Challenge! 

    • Thank you Gaurav. I agree that we need to learn to live in the now and realize how fortunate we are!

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