Think Big When It Comes To Your Goals

So many times I have heard people advise to set achievable or realistic goals but I think that is a mistake. If we set the bar too low, then when we reach it we will be tempted to give up trying since we already made it to where our “realistic” goal took us. I dare say that no one has ever made it to the Olympics, the NFL or any other challenging ‘championship’ with such small aims.

We must learn to rekindle our childhood enthusiasm, our belief in ourselves and in possibilities and aim high. Then we win even if we don’t quite make it since coming close to a really big goal is still quite an accomplishment. For example, if I know that my goal is to lose 30 lbs in 60 days then I will hustle with my workouts and be very conscious about my food choices because I have a huge goal in mind. If I aim to lose 10 lbs I wouldn’t be trying as hard and maybe even delay starting work on that goal because I will believe that  I have time.

The other important aspect of goal setting is to put a date or deadline on it. Otherwise, there really is no incentive to get started and to stick with the work  that will achieve the goal.

What are your thoughts and/or experiences with goal setting? I look forward to hearing from you.

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