What is this HIIT Training all about anyway? by Patricia

HITT stands for high-intensity interval training and it’s becoming more and more popular with fitness classes and personal trainers as it is good for burning more calories and fat in less time. So how do you do it? Basically you perform intense bursts of exercises with an all-out effort, then you have short recovery periods of less intense activity to keep your heart rate and respiration both jacked up so that you burn more fat for fuel.

People like it because it feels like you worked out! The intensity makes you feel like you really did a great workout and can be proud of yourself for going through it. It also feels like you got more bang for your buck since you got a great sweat working in 30 minutes or less.

The down side is that it takes dedication and hard core motivation. If you know that the workout is going to be draining and challenging then you might be less likely to do it on your own. You might need that personal training session to keep you committed to doing it and not taking it easy on yourself. Don’t feel bad, we all need to a push sometimes! Call us for that push!

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